Großer Saal

extendable & variable.

XXL events can be arranged here: The large multi-purpose hall adapts to your requirements, not the other way around. This is ensured by one of the largest telescopic sliding grandstands in Europe. All seating variants can be set up in the shortest possible time, whether banquet, parliamentary or row seating. The rising grandstand offers space and excellent visibility for a total of 2,060 spectators in a row. The 660 additional seats from the balconies on the upper floor provide a perfect view. The ground floor parquet seating provides a capacity of 3,150 seats, for example.

Would you prefer a combined setup? For example standing and seating arrangements? No problem, then we only wheel out half of the steps, for example. The art of transformation lies within the variable extension length and the maximum number of 30 grandstand steps. Without chairs, the Great Hall seats 5,000 people (higher seating capacity available on request). A variable curtain system can also be used to reduce the size of the hall and adjust the acoustics accordingly. That's how 1,000 visitors also feel at home.